Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who keeps old patterns

I have patterns from way back. I can't seem to part with them, although last winter, I culled all the old styles and threw them out. Years ago, I had seen a lady in PEI with a nice blue waffle shirt and she bought it in a boutique in Alberta. I bought the waffle fabric with the intent to dye it and make myself a shirt. I never did make the shirt and now I find myself in need of another Spa Robe. So I went digging through my old patterns to see if I have enough waffle fabric to make the robe. Yippee, there's enough. This Spa Robe pattern from McCalls was very quick to make and I used my serger to finish all the seams. I made a note on the pattern that I made one in 1996. I don't use that robe any more in favor of nicer waffle fabric. I have a white waffle robe already but it's at the cottage. Now I have one for home and one for the cottage. I'll find something really nice to embroider on it next week.

Mert and I leave for Augusta Maine first thing in the morning. I'm going to a big quilt show. They have classes, a merchants mall and lots of shows. I'm not taking any classes but I'll get to see the shows and visit the merchants mall. I've got a list of things I need to purchase. I'll be back on Saturday evening.

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