Monday, July 7, 2008

Thinking of Christmas

A couple of years ago, I took a crazy quilting class from my friend Linda Hubbard. It was a basic course, and it left me wanting more. So ever since, I've been asking Linda to teach a class to make this Christmas sock. She's been telling me, you go get a bunch of people who want to do it, and I'll teach a class. Well, I'm not letting another Christmas go by without having a beautiful crazy quilted sock. So 2 weeks ago, I got some details from Linda, and a picture of the sock we will make. I sent out a notice to about 40 people. And voila, over the past week, we have 8 people who have signed up for the fall class. We can take about 3 more. It will be 6 weeks starting in mid September. I'm now collecting flosses, ribbons, buttons, beads, doilies, etc for this class. I can't wait to get started... not that I'm wishing away the summer, but this is a beautiful piece. I think you can click on the picture for some up close detail. Did you know that every crazy quilt, even a small piece like this has a spider in it?

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cpm said...

WOW! It's amazing! You are so talented! Lucky family to be the recipients of such beautiful gifts!
(for my wedding my cousin made me a quilt and I'll treasure it forever!)