Friday, May 22, 2009

Butter Tarts

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love kitchen things. I've had a few quilting functions to attend this week, so I thought I'd try to make a batch of mini butter tarts using my new mini-tart pan. I did do a bit of research to find a good recipe. What I also found out was, that butter tarts are a Canadian treat. I remember when I was young, we only ever got Butter Tarts from the Vachon Cake man. They came in a pack of two.

So, years later when I was married and a mother to young kids, I tried making them, and they're as easy as pie to make.

My results were good and bad. They tasted really good, but they stuck to the pan really bad. I had to dig them out of the pans and they looked bad enough that I couldn't use them for my meeting treats. So, they'll be house treats. Also, I'm disappointed that my new mini-tart pan is too big to soak in the sink. Here is the recipe that I used from the Joy of Baking website. Next time, I'll use a regular size tart pan.

I won't be using this pan again anytime soon.

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Linda H said...

Oh Gail, I LOVE Butter Tarts! I'm ready for bed, and now I have Butter Tarts on the brain!! They would taste so good right now, with a glass of cold milk - do you deliver? Ha...