Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Free-Motion sampler

I read other quilters blogs who do free motion quilting so well. Granted they have long arm machines, but still it does take skill, and lots of practice. I'm determined that I want to be able to do free-motion on my domestic and continue to watch others as they develop more intricate work.

I think I took my first class in free motion about 8 years ago. I keep picking away at doing samplers. I can do stippling until the cows come home. But now it's time to move on to other things.

Earlier this week, I showed you the free motion sampler I started in Pfaff club last Friday. Each day this week, I worked in 15 minute segments, to complete my free-motion sampler. Yesterday I was struggling on what to do for the last 3 of the 9 blocks. So, I dug out my Pajama Quilter DVD, and watched it for 15 minutes to get some ideas on what to do next. So here is my finished sampler, all bound.

It's home will be on an end table in my living room.


Linda G said...

I'm impressed. Once the flooring is in I am determined to start practising.

pwl said...

Wow - I'm so impressed! I'm such a beginner - still working on stippling.

Mary Johnson said...

Very, very nice -- one thing I struggle with is keeping my freemotion quilting from being too dense -- it would be fine if I did wall or show quilts but for the quilts I make, I want them to be soft and cuddly. Dawn's DVD helped me a lot with keeping the quilting more open but I need to go back to the DVD and teach myself another new one -- I tend to use the same designs over and over.