Monday, May 11, 2009

Knee Problems

Well, it's official. The visit to the doctor today, confirms that I have one old knee. It's a creaky problematic knee. "Could be a bit of arthritis" she said. "What? Arthritis?" I said, "Isn't that for old people?" She smiled nicely and raised her eye brows.

So it's my left knee that's been giving me problems. I now have a strategy to minimize the pain, and time will tell if it's effective. But I'm sure glad that it's not my right knee. I need that one to operate the knee thing on my new Juki sewing machine when I get it next week.

Speaking of knees. A couple of weeks ago, I was lying in bed listening to the local news at 7am. Apparently, the radio DJ was speaking the day before, on air, about his knee problems. See he had received a new Wii-Fit and after using it a few times, he ended up with knee problems. He called his problem a wii-knee. Well, I guess his comments about his wii-knee were met with lots of teasing which left him trying to explain himself the next day. I thought that was so funny.

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Unknown said...

I hope you share your knee problem solution so I can apply it to my hip! What a mess we are!