Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pfaff Club Friday

Yesterday, I went to Pfaff club at our LQS. The topic was "dropping the dogs" aka free-motion quilting. I've been doing bits of free-motion for a few years now and it's always nice to stretch a bit to take my skill just a little further. I'm quite a confident stippler, but doing anything else is a stretch for me.
So I started out by dividing my 15" square sandwich into 9 by using free-form lines. I plan to do a different free-motion stitch in each of the 9 sections.
My big stretch yesterday was to do the little circles. What I found out, is that it takes a long time to do the little circles. And I could tell that it was stressful, because my shoulders are sore today. I must have been hunching up while doing them. I'm pleased with what I tried yesterday. The heart shaped leaf motif in the middle section would be a fast cover for a quick project. I might try that as an all-over design on my next table runner.
Now, I'm researching 6 more free-motion styles for the other sections. I'll show you when I'm done in a couple of weeks. This will be a good personal reference of free motion stitches for me to hang in my sewing room.


bargello said...

Remember me showing the middle of my sunflowers... those tiny circles? Now you know how labour intensive they were. Good job, yours are LOVELY, your stitches so even and your circles are circles-no jerking. And you must have done this with no wine!!
Show on Friday and have a lovely time at Emily's First Holy Communion tomorrow.

Karen said...

Those are great looking circles, Gail!

Unknown said...

Ok, so, if YOUR shoulders are sore, my TONGUE would be bit off... if I was attempting those circles and heart leaves (which are adorable, btw). First I would have to draw all those things with a pencil, then begin with shoulders stiffened up to my ears and my tongue secured between my teeth...ugh. amazing job! Can't wait to see the rest of them!