Saturday, October 3, 2009


Our world seems to be filled with construction and home maintenance projects. Actually it's quite exciting to get some long overdue work done.

Our back deck has been unusable for a few years now. The frost lifted one of the concrete support a few years ago, and it never did settle down. So last winter we put our name on a list with a concrete company to come and dig up our entire back deck and make the repair to the deck foundations. So last week, the concrete work was done on 4 posts and it's so nice to see that the deck has settled down again and is flat.

My sister gave me a children's book last year called "If you give a mouse a cookie", and our construction projects seem to go just like that book. The new concrete posts lead to replacing the rotting deck floor, which leads to replacing the old weathered steps. So while we're replacing steps, why not make a new lower deck for the new steps to go down to. The carpenters are here today doing the work. I can't wait to see how nice our lower deck is going to be.

I hope there is significant work done by tomorrow that I can show you a picture.

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Linda G said...

Hope the weather improves and you have a great family get together.