Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moses was Here!

Yesterday, we got to visit a Monistary at the foot of Mount Sanai. This is a picture of Mount Sanai which is on the Sanai Peninsula. This of course is the mountain that Moses climbed to get the 10 Commandments. People come here and take a camel ride to the top to see the sun rise over the mountain in the morning. It's sort of a pilgrimage.

This is us standing under the Burning Bush that Moses saw. It is in the St. Catherine Monistary which sits at the bottom of Mount Sanai. This is a very holy place, and many many devout people were here praying for one thing or another. 22 Monks live here and visitors are only allowed until noon, then the monks go into their daily prayers.

Our trip is coming to an end and the last few days of our trip will be spent here at a posh resort in a community called Sharm el Sheik and it's on the Red Sea.

I can't wait to see everyone when we get home later this weekend. We have many stories to tell, as you can imagine.

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dp said...

Is Mert wearing a skirt? wow....
How cool that you are seeing all these cool things that we have learned and heard stories about all our lives... very cool.

If you see Moses.. please say hi to him for me...