Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Walk like an Egyptian!

Remember the song... "Walk like an Egyptian". My daughter and I used to go to an exercise class years ago, and when that song played, all the class would have to walk like an Egyptian by crouching down and to the side, and angling our hands. Whenever we hear that song, we both laugh and think of those classes. Well, for the past couple of weeks, that song has been in my head. See, later this week, we are packing up and heading to Egypt for a few weeks. We booked this trip so long ago, that I didn't think the time would ever come. It really is a trip of a lifetime.

We have been preparing ourselves over the past months by getting immunizations, preparing our weenie tummies for the different food (Activia), and gathering the proper clothing to wear. For women, that means, even though it's 35 degrees every day, bare shoulders in the cities are inappropriate.

Part of our tour includes a 4-day cruise down the Nile. On the last evening of the cruise, there is a costume party, and guess what we are requested to dress up as. Right, you guessed it - Egyptians. I looked for ideas on the Internet and I had fun going to Fabricville to look for cheap fabric to make these Mark Anthony and Cleopatra costumes.

We unveiled the costumes to our families before our Thanksgiving dinner this past Sunday. All our kids and grandkids got a big kick out of seeing us all dressed up. It's the first time ever for us that I can remember.

Did you ever dress up as adults for Halloween?


Anonymous said...

What a fine looking couple! Great job on the costumes. I can imagine how excited you both must be to be leaving for Egypt. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Have fun! LB

bargello said...

Gail and Mert,
Have a grrr8 time! Hope to see photos of the REAL costume/makeup fun at the Cruise Ship party. You look amazing.

Linda G said...

The costumes turned out great. I know that you will have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures. Craig and I will dream for the future. It is one of the places he would just love to see.