Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

While in Egypt, we went on 20+ tours. We saw it all. We even spent a couple of days at a resort on the Red Sea, just relaxing. By this time, I'm getting really good at speaking Aribic. I know a dozen words/phrases, thanks to our Egyptologist Hesham. I was approached by a young lady vendor trying to sell me a scarf. I politely said La, Shockrun which stands for no thank-you. She stopped right up and looked at me intently, and then she said in a very heavy Arabic accent, "Good Arabic". I was pleased that she had taken the moment to comment on my effort.

So, on Friday we started our trek home on Egypt Airlines. We landed in London where we spent the night at a nearby hotel at Heathrow. Early Saturday morning, we caught Air Canada to Toronto, then caught a connecting flight to Fredericton. Yesterday afternoon, we arrived home to be greeted with heavy rain. Now any other time, rain would put a downer on our arrival home, but the rain was refreshing. Our 2+ weeks in hot and dry Egypt left us with dry skin, dry eyes, dry hair, dry feet, dry everything. It's good to be home. Traveling is good, but the long flights going and coming are the toughest parts of the trip for us. It was great to touch down at the airport yesterday and to be greeted by wildly waving hands of grandchildren, rain or no rain.

Today, our bodies are smack in the middle of jet lag. I know this, because I was wide awake at 3am, ready to get up and refresh myself with my sewing projects. I resisted the urge to get up and stayed in bed until 5:30am. I thought about what meals I would make this week, what crafts I would do with the kids on Wednesday afternoon (only half day of school) and I wondered how much weight I had lost in the 2 weeks we were away. Then my big mistake was thinking about the great cup of coffee I was going to have when I got up. Egypt is not known for their great coffee. That got me out of bed. What a great cup of coffee. It's good to be home.

Our next trip south, is in 2 weeks. We're heading south by car, to Nova Scotia, that is. My sister and I have a day or 2 of sewing planned.

PS: Despite plentiful buffets for every meal, I lost 2 lbs while in Egypt.


dp said...

Well, I am glad your home. I am such a weanie about travelling, and the food is part of it. Bathrooms are the other part i hate about traveling.. oh and airplanes, and foreign bugs.. .and not knowing the language.. and jet lag... oh.. such a weanie.

Cant wait to see all the pics...

Linda H said...

Welcome Home Gail. I had my dates mixed up I guess, I thought you weren't home till later this week. Can't wait to hear all about your trip and see your pics!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you made it home safely. I have been checking your blog while you were away. Great pictures! Always good to get away but so nice to come home again. Lucy

cpm said...

Hopefully I'll get to see you "live" when you are here visiting Donna! That would be wonderful! :-)