Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jessica and Em come for a Christmas Break Visit

Jessica and Emily were here for a couple of days during the Christmas break.   Here you can see them both working hard to finish an I spy quilt for their cousin Evan.  Their cousin, Mitchell has sewed the 4-patches together this summer with me, so today was going to be the day we put together in a quilt as you go style.  It's amazing how quick we got the project done when everyone works on it.

Well, I was telling Jessica and Emily the story of the Rice Krispies and the mention of Peanut Butter balls made their eyes light up.  When we needed a break from sewing, guess what we made.  It's so hard to dip peanut butter balls into the warmed chocolate and not get chocolate on your hands.   After we all sampled them just to make sure they were good, they get to take these home with them.

My niece Stephanie is home for Christmas break from Korea.  She brought back some children's chopsticks.  To try them out, we had Chinese food for supper.   The kids ate just about their whole meal with learner chopsticks.  Next time, maybe we'll try real ones.

And ta da, we finished the flannel I spy quilt for Evan who will be 3 this spring.   There are tons of little boy stuff on there.  Iguanas, frogs, bugs, trucks, race cars, monkeys, golf balls, basketballs. 

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JenM said...

Evan loves his quilt!