Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quilt Math for St. Dunstan's Raffle Quilt 2011

Right after the Christmas break, I'll be starting to sew up the St. Dunstan 2011 raffle quilt.    We're doing Bonnie Hunter's Weed Wacker quilt with a different border.   It'll be more of a vines and leaves border.

So, right now I'm doing quilt math to see how much fabric I'll need.      The fabrics I'm using are intended to look like a fall scrappy quilt and I'll cut 3 or 4 of each fabric.  

I'll have the kit of fabrics ready to start sewing on January 1. It will be done by January 30, so to help keep me focused, I plan to blog about my progress on Saturdays in January.  

I'm looking for suggestions on a different name for the quilt.  The St. Dunstan's quilters don't care for the name Weed Wacker, so they asked me to come up with a nicer name.    If you have any suggestions, why not leave me a comment.  I'm only stitching the label towards the end of January, so that should leave lots of time to come up with a name.


dp said...

Leaf Pile

Autumn Wind

Fall Pinwheel

Fall Scissors

pickup sticks

Linda said...

Swirly Twirls

Twirling Leaves

Autumn Twirl