Sunday, February 5, 2012

Celebrating 4 birthdays today.

It's hard to believe but our dear little triplets turned 10 today.  It's hard to believe they are in double digits.   And little Aurora is 4 years old on Tuesday but we celebrated her birthday today.   The triplets had separate big-kid birthday parties/sleep overs this weekend had had fun cookie cakes and cheese cakes.      So we used Aurora's Birthday as an excuse to have a big get-together for Hot Turkeys and birthday cake. 

Many visitors today including the newest baby in the family, Baby Jack!

Aurora is a little shy, but her other cousins helped to blow out the candle.

The triplets are helping Aurora open her presents.  How fun!

A skating helmet goes perfect with a party dress.  The helmet is a gift from Grammie and Grampie.

Just one of Aurora's fun gifts...  Fun Lip Gloss from the triplets!  She's already an expert at looking in the mirror to apply.

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