Friday, February 17, 2012

Settling in at the Beach

Well, we're pretty much settled in at the beach.  We have a bunch of groceries, and we're getting back into a routine.  I love our skype calls with the kids after supper.  Grace and Caitlin and the kitty gave us a call after supper, and we played a little typing game and got caught up on all the weather and news around Freddy.
This evening I continued to stitch on my final Winter Wonderland block.  I don't find the evening light very good for fine stitching here at the condo, so I think I'll leave this stitching for the lazy afternoons on the deck.  

It's been  a week since I sat at the sewing machine.  I'm feeling rusty..teehee....  Tomorrow I plan to set up the sewing machine and do an "Iny Meeny Miny Mo" to decide which of the 4 projects I'll start working on. 


Joanne said...

Settling in at the beach sound so wonderful!
Isn't Skype amazing!!

Kathy said...

Maybe you should find a source for a small Ott light to keep you going at night if the relaxation gets to you!