Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making Baby Boy gifts

My niece is going to become a grandmother to a new baby boy soon.  (Yep, that's you Shelly)  So making a couple of things for this new baby has been on my "must do before we go away list".

Today, I finished making two small gifts.   One you won't be surprised at.  A Take-along bag to put all the baby necessities for the hospital.    I was thinking of making a list to put in the bag, but really, I wouldn't have the foggiest idea what is required.  I'm sure Mama-to-be will figure something out.

The next on my list was something I looked for a pattern for but couldn't quite find one, so I made this one up.   It's a Bath Towel that ties around Mama's neck so she can pick up baby from the tub and wrap the baby up right away.     When I was bathing the grandkids, I would hold a towel under my neck with my chin and pick up the baby two hands... but it was always awkward. 

With coordinating fabrics to the take-along bag, I made this towel apron.  It is about 30" x 40" inches, with white toweling on one side, and a fuzzy brown soft fabric on the other side.  It's bound with bias binding made out of the same fabric as the take-along bag.   To hang it on a hook in the bathroom, I added a loop. 

PS:  As I write this blog post, and after I finished my towel, I did a search again, and I found where Martha Stewart had a pattern for a very simple bath apron towl. Click here... 

I hope proud parents to be and baby get lots of use out of these gifts. 

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MissesStitches said...

What a great idea, Gail! So very clever of you. BTW, I checked out Martha's version, and I like yours better.