Monday, February 6, 2012

Crazy Cats II done - for Rose

My friend, Rose, was thrilled with her Crazy Cats II small quilt top that I sewed up for her from her kit.  I finished it over the weekend and took it over to her today.  I was thrilled that she was so happy with it.    A really nice "feel good" moment for me. 

She's excited to have a small project to work on over the winter.  She was tracing with her finger where she would hand the ditch or not....inside the cats or not.  So many decisions for her to think about now...  A nice distraction from her sickness.

And this is just for you Judy!!


Linda H said...

It's sweet Gail. SO very kind of you! Rose must be thrilled!

Quilting Queen said...

You are such a nice person! I'm not a cat person(2 doggies here) but I do like that one.

JackieP said...

You are a sweetie pie!