Thursday, August 7, 2014

A tester Wallet Class

I've been preparing to deliver a "test" Wallet class and we had the class earlier this week.   The purpose of this test class was to figure out how long it takes to make the wallet in a class and what my traps as a teacher are.  Well , 8 people took the class of varying skill level.   We did it two mornings this week.  Just look at the wallets.   One person had to leave a bit early and didn't get it done, but I will help her finish soon.  Just look at the beautiful wallets below.

Jeannie Kaye's Wallet.   The first one in the class done!!
They are all so beautiful using batiks.    The metal finding and the extra top stitched piece on the flap give this a very professional look.   Click on the picture to see Jeannie Kaye's fine top-stitching.

Look below at the nice idea Myrna had by putting the red frame around her wallet cover.  Such a nice detail.    She used fabrics from her stash, and was short on the outer fabric.  How nice that she turned a bit of a problem into such a nice idea and option.

JoAnne's and Alta's Wallets

Judy, Joann, Myrna and Lucy's Wallets

Judy S.'s Wallet.  Beautiful !

I'm pleased with how the wallets are very consistent.   I really want to thank my tester students who spent the two mornings sewing with me and helped by giving me constructive feedback as we went along the class.    This will make a smoother and more enjoyable class for my future students.

So, I'm officially putting this class on my "to Teach" list.   It is a class that has lots of fine detail but nothing too much.


Unknown said...

I love all the wallets, and i love mine. I enjoy it every day and the one big problem is I overstuff it with cards, receipts etc. When I do that,it will Not close and it prompts me to unstuff it. and that really is a good thing

Anonymous said...

The wallets turned out beautifully! I didn't get a chance to see the others. Thanks Gail! Judy S.

Anonymous said...

Love all the variety in fabrics in the wallets. Thanks for a great class, Gail, and I'm delighted with mine! Jeanne Kaye

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled to have made this wallet and I thank you very much for making the time to "teach" us. Thank you for getting everything ready and for your most valuable teaching skills and the special tips. (And did I mention lots of patience!). All the wallets turned out very nicely and we all enjoyed ourselves. The variety of all the wallets is lovely. Lucy B

Kathy said...

Darn, missed it.😞

Dawn said...

Wow! The wallets are gorgeous! I sure hope there will be a PDF pattern at some point. And I have to say that I LOVE those sandals! If I knew where I could get a pair of those I'd be in Heaven. :)