Monday, January 26, 2015

BOM - Monday - 13 blocks to go.

While south last year, I started to work on the A to Z Block of the month by Janet Stone.  I just love the colorful blocks and the whimsical design.    I did great keeping up with the monthly blocks while I was here in Florida last winter, but totally got behind after returning home.  As summer approached, all work stopped on this in favor of Grammie Camp preparations which was followed immediately by wedding preparations for my daughter.

I really love this pattern and don't want it to be a UFO, so it was the perfect project to bring south this year.

We've been here almost three weeks already and if I don't start working on it now, it might not get done before I return north in the Spring.  

I have 13 letter blocks left to do and the borders.   I'm aiming to get two letters done per week.  I am hoping to get the borders done too.    

I have the "S" block started and I'm ready to do the machine applique.   I haven't decided which additional block I will have done by next Monday but it will be a simple one.    Stop by next week and see how I do.


Linda H said...

I love this quilt. Glad you are working on it again, will enjoy watching your progress. Too bad you are missing the Snowmageddon we are getting tomorrow...

Donna Peters said...

I love this quilt, Gail. Its soooo fun to look at. I can't imagine sewing it.. but its so fun! You are an inspiration for sure!!!