Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wallet - New Class Samples Done

Well, I totally forgot to do some blogging this week.  It's not been an especially busy sewing week but for my upcoming wallet classes, I did get my three class samples done.   Now you might think that I mean that I have three completed wallets, but that is not quite the case.

But first, I ordered beautiful batik fabrics to use.  The fabrics have been cut into kits, I will use these kits when I teach this summer (July 17) in the Fredericton EdVentures Program.   There are enough kits to do about 20 wallets.  In this July 1-day class, there will be less than 15 students. I  made a variety of kits, and students can have their pick of kits.

Now for the wallet samples...

This first blue batik wallet shows a very little bit of the sewing done, and some of the hardware installed.   I used slightly different hardware.  These are a little less forgiving than the ones I normally use for classes.  I like them though.  There are three colors of blue, with the dark for the outside, and the two lighter blues for the inside.  The pattern seems a little winter like, so if you are "Blues Fan", this will be for you.

This second brown batik wallet, shows much of the construction done, and will show students how the final pieces are laid in place.  (although you can't see the inside)  In this picture you can see that I have only used two fabrics.  I really like it... for those who cannot decide on colors. It's simple... dark batik on the outside, lighter coordinating batik on the inside.

And of course, this wallet shows the final wallet and how it looks.    It's made with a colorful but dark butterfly wing fabric.  The inside are lighter  and more colorful colors.  

If I was a student, I would have a hard time to pick which one I would want.   I love all of them..

I do have one more set of fabrics to make a wallet, but I'll make that next week when  myself and 3 friends will make wallets together.  They will get to choose a fabric set from one of these. I'm anxious to see who picks what kit.

Which one would you pick?


Stitch gal said...

I love all of them but the butterfly fabric is my favorite. The nicest project I have ever done. The teacher was fabulous!

Kathy said...

Lucy, I like the blue best! I agree about our teacher! Gail, miss you on Friday's...