Monday, July 13, 2015

Gardens and Flowers

The warm weather is really nice.   I've been getting out really early for my walks.    We have been up to our necks in home maintenance.  We stripped the deck both at home and at the cottage and applied water seal.   That sounds so easy, but it's a blistering job.   Sore hands and knees from all the scrubbing.   Today, we're painting our deck.  Coat 1 done.  Tomorrow it's coat number 2.     

Our little vegetable garden is doing well.  We have lots of the tender green lettuce. Mescalin Mix...  I have some to give away if you want some.  Just let me know and I'll pick you some or come for a visit and you can pick your own.   We are anxiously awaiting the yellow and green beans.    We have lots of tomatoes growing on our patio.    I have a secret garden of blackberries that are going to be ready to pick in a week or two.    Looks like a bumper crop coming.   

For our daughter's wedding last year, we did some new landscaping, and we our new cone flowers are budding and blooming like crazy.   Love them.  

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