Saturday, July 25, 2015

What to do in PEI when it's cool?

Well, our little week-long vacation with Aurora is over.    We prepared to visit with my sister and her family in PEI for a few days.   As you know, we made Aurora's Mermaid outfit before heading to PEI.  With the left over bits, we made a doll outfit.  She helped.   

Mermaids, posing..

These are some of the things we did in PEI
She loves a pool.   While the weather was cool, the pool was heated.
The trick is to stay under the water to stay warm!
She was soon joined by friends and had a great time.  

Of course, no trip to PEI is complete
without a trip to the Cows Store.

Uncle Terry brought kites.   In PEI, there
is wide open spaces to fly a kite.  That's her little
cousin in the green shirt.  Chasing the kite tail.. So fun for Kids.

At the Boardwalk, there's bouncy
It was 4 minutes of Awesomeness that
Aurora won't ever forget.  She loved it.
She said next time, She'll do flips.
Well, the weather was cool in PEI this year, but that doesn't stop kids from having fun.   
Beautiful PEI, we will be back.  

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Dolores said...

Looks like Aurora had a wonderful time. It's always nice to have your doll wearing a matching outfit.