Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fabulous Fabric.... if You are a Kid!!

A couple of weeks ago, I had my friend Connie bring me a half yard of this fun Shopkins fabric from her out of town shopping trip.

My granddaughter Aurora loves Shopkins... I can't tell you how many she has.   I knew she would love this fabric.

Anyway, she arrived on Sunday and will stay a week.  She was thrilled with the fabric and immediately came up with a bunch of ideas on how to use the fabric.  I said let's think about it and we'll see what's doable.  

Besides swimming, and outdoor activities, we've been busy sewing small projects such as sleep pants and doll clothes.  

With the shopkins fabric, we decided that a cute little zipped pouch would be nice.  That got finished this morning.   It's from a badge holder tutorial.    It has a vinyl pouch on the front to put her card and another slot on the back. And it has a zipped part to keep important things in.     It's darling.    I actually use one from the same pattern to carry stuff in when I walk early in the morning.  It's perfect to keep my phone, and key and it fits nicely under my sweater.

Aurora also decided she wanted a pillow for her bed.   So we made a little bolster pillow to show off a big piece of the shopkin fabric.  It's funny, she can name all the shopkins off so quick.  They are unusual names.    

So, we have one small  piece of the shopkin fabric left.   It will  probably end up as a ribbon blanket for her doll.

We are also preparing to go to Nova Scotia to visit my sister and family later this week.  We have been shopping for lunches etc.   It's so exciting since we haven't been to Nova Scotia in a few years.

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Linda H said...

Wow, Aurora is getting so tall! How old is she now? Great projects with a special fabric.