Friday, August 12, 2016

Vroom Vroom - Row by Row Car Pin

For those of you who are Row by Rowing, did you see the latest little car pin that Diane has at Country Crafts and Curtains?  

The car pin has a bar on the lower part to hold charms.  For the 2016 row, it is a house charm to match the Home Sweet Home theme.   It's so darling.  I was in Diane's shop earlier this week, and Diane gave me one.  (I was in and out of the shop so quick, I'm not even sure if I said thank-you... so just in case I forgot my manners, thanks so much Diane..  I just love it)   


I've put the little car with the dangly charm on my travelling bag of notions along with last year's pin.    Maybe this bag will become the holder of my pin collection.                                                                                                                                           So, I wonder what next year's Row by Row charm will be.  


Calicojoan said...

Those are adorable. I've not seen them around here!

Linda H said...

So cute!