Thursday, August 4, 2016

Planning a Raffle Quilt = A Recalculation Required

I'm doing the planning and prep work for making the annual St. Dunstan's Raffle quilt.  I plan to do this in September.    This year, I'll be making an on-pointe Ohio Star.    The ladies have requested fall colors such as browns, reds, purples, golds. I've drafted up the quilt in EQ.    I've  been calculating fabric requirements step by step with pencil and paper and calculator.  Blocks, setting triangles, border 1, border 2 and binding.   It's taken the best part of my morning.  This is a good size queen quilt, 88" x 105".   I've done a sample block out of my scrap bin and made a small modification..

  It could be me, but I think I've gone wrong somewhere.    After all is said and done, for the quilt top and binding (no backing), I've calculated that I'll need 13 yards.    Gesh, can that be right?     I think I need to recalculate..      Stay tuned.


Karen said...

Hi, Gail: Did you double check your yardage calculations against those in EQ7? It can be very generous in its amounts when there are lots of different fabrics involved. Sometimes I remove the borders, colour all the prints in the main part of the quilt red and the background white, and then check the yardage total. EQ7 calculates that your borders are one long strip, cut on the lengthwise of the fabric, instead of cut crosswise on the grain and joined for width. Having said all that...there are a lot of seams in your blocks, so probably your math is correct! It sometimes floors me how much fabric goes into a quilt top!!

Anonymous said...

It is going to be gorgeous, Gail! Looking forward to seeing the finished top. Jeanne Kaye