Monday, August 22, 2016

One Special Cookie!

It all started out as a pretty typical sugar cookie making day.   Aurora's job was to roll the cookie dough in sugar and put them on the tray.   I would bake them, and she would ice them when they were cool.  

So, it's all normal up until now.     
Then it near sent Aurora into a crazy frenzy 
when I was going to throw out the left over purple icing.     
She decided to do what Caitlin and Grace did a few years ago...  
Pose, while squirting icing into their mouths...    

Then it got a little silly.   
I painted her new front teeth with the icing.   
She thought that was cool.   

And then came a mustache.    

The goatee

It kind of looks like henna for her face now..
The icing is starting to harden.  I tell her not to smile..

Well, as you can see, she's a well decorated cookie, 
with a mustache, goatee, and a beautiful heart on her forehead.

She thought all this was so fun.  
She was sick of icing by this point, 
and happily threw the rest out..


Linda H said...

I hope the purple coloring didn't leave a "stain" or mark on her face...? She looks so much like her mother... :)

Lee said...

hahaha! A peel and eat facial mask!

cara mengobati penyakit thalassemia minor said...

wow that face so funny