Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

We are settled into our Home away from Home for the winter.  We've had a day or two to get groceries and get settled in.    Now I feel like it's time to sew again.  All my supplies are sitting on the spare bed.   Today I've already started to transform the dining room into my sewing room.   I am just itching to make something.   In mid February, the local quilting, and knitting groups in this community are putting on a Fibre Arts show.  So it's the perfect motivation to get moving.

I will do one or two table runners and maybe a wallet or two for the show.  And I've selected a complicated but sweet little knitting project.

I have the required baby yarn but need to get the right size needles.  I have a 5 weeks to finish the projects. I'll report in next week on how I'm doing with them.

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Linda H said...

Happy New Year! You're missing lots of snow here... :)