Monday, January 23, 2017

The Boy Bunny

Well, a bit of unexpected rainy weather was just enough time to finish off my boy Bunny.   I used a different yarn for this little bunny, and he came out slightly bigger than Flora.     I don't have a name yet for him, but he sure is cute.  He has a patch on his face and his floppy ears are different colors.  He has a blue striped sweater and a pair of blue shorts.  

I made Flora a new blue dress too.   Now she has a blue dress and a red dress. 

UPDATE:    I love my friend Linda H.'s suggestion that a great name
 for this little boy bunny should be Freddy.   
I love it and it sounds nice with Flora.   
So, here are Freddy and Flora.  


Linda H said...

What a cute pair! How about Freddy for a name?

Donna Peters said...

I love these bunnies.. truly and there little clothes are amazing

Chrisknits b said...

What a sweet pair!

Margaret Clouston said...

Love them! I have seen them online and i'm sure tempted to make at least one myself.

Lee said...

Too cute!!