Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Filigree Bag

I did another of Pat's kits this week.   This is one that I had never seen before. It's call Filigree by Sew Sweetness.  It's a double zip pouch.    It is made with Annie's soft and stable, so it's standing on its own and keeps it's shape perfectly.   This bag features piping and a beautiful ribbon as an embellishment.  And it is constructed so that each of the two zippers opens to a separate compartment.   It always amazes me how designers invent new techniques and functions.   I absolutely love the shape of this bag.   
It's now at Pat's shop, Heartfelt Quilting, in Winter Haven Florida..


Donna Peters said...

Its adorable

Kathy said...

Pretty,pretty and functional. I bet that you can put zippers in in your sleep!