Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Sweet Knitting Bag

Well, I have my first project done since arriving at our home away from home just over a week ago.   It's large size Open-wide bag.   I just love the knitting themed fabric and a piece of stash accent fabric that works perfectly for the accent.     I had to get a piece of the fabric when I saw my friends Margie and Lucy had the fabric.    And what a fun small project to make for our community quilt show on February 15th.  I knew it would be the first thing I made when I got here.

I've made a couple of the medium size open wide bags now.   My first bag that I made a couple of months ago had a simple cross hatch of squares.   I know when I made it, somebody asked, did I buy the pre-quilted fabric?    I hadn't, but that got me to thinking that maybe I should do something other than plain crosshatching.  Heaven forbid that somebody thinks that I bought the fabric.😏

So, the next bag I made, I pre-quilted straight lines.  I liked, a lot.  It was quicker than crosshatching..and I liked it just as much.   For this knitting bag, I wanted to try yet a different pattern.   I decided to do a double lined cross-hatch.

I really like it.   It did take me longer to do, but it's exactly the look I was looking for.

It's hard to see, but I attached my little 'Sew Gail Mitchell' label to the front accent stripe of fabric.   I like it.     After attaching that, the bag went together pretty quick...

Next week, I hope to show you my knitting project.  I have it started, but I've had to order a set of 2.5 mm knitting needles to continue.   That size is very hard to find anywhere.  

The finished bag is about 12" wide, by 8" tall by 6" deep.

Perfect for carting my knitting project too and from the knitting club here in the community.


L Bourque said...

So adorable Gail. Your quilting style is so different and adds such interest. The fabrics are just darling. We appreciate your sharing pics.

Donna Peters said...

I love it... and I love the one you made for me.... its perfect size for little project supplies.

Kathy said...

Gail, did you use a double needle (twin needle) or did you do each line separately? Love it! Miss you on Fridays.