Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bergs, Bergs, and More Bergs

Today, we along with Ed and Lois Mehan, drove about 350kms along the Irish Loop of the Avalon peninsula. Our drive led us around the coast where we saw lots of barren land, many small villages, and lots of interesting sights. I thought the land looks very much like Cape Breton. We started to come back on the back half of the loop and we started to see icebergs. We must have seen at least 8 or 10 bergs. We stopped to take pictures of lots of them. Icebergs are like clouds. They start to take on images, do you see the one that looks like a dolphin. It was quite neat. We saw this moose on the road too. We stopped the car, and the moose looked at me, then turned as if to pose. Then quietly walked off the road.

It was a nice day. Tomorrow, we're off to Bonnavista. Not sure if we'll have internet to show pictures. It might have to wait until Wednesday before you see more pictures. Tuesday, we travel to Tuillingate... Wednesday, we're back to St. John's.


dp said...

Amazing to see the Ice Bergs and the moose. Man, the only time I have ever seen a moose what 4 years ago just outside of Fredericton, and that was because of all the flooding. And it wasn't really that nice a moose, nothing like the cool picture you got... wayyyyy cooool.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how I LOVE "the Rock". I have visited three or four times over the past 6 years or so. Mel is from Fogo Island, another ferry ride north of Gander. I have never visited when it was not Freezing cold and snowy, so I am jealous of the sights like the icebergs that you are experiencing. I LOVE the Home, Home on the Rock piece you did. There's not place like NFLD.