Friday, June 20, 2008

A secret

A forgotten early morning car tune-up delayed my run yesterday. But today, when I got up, I just put on my running duds, and that was all I needed to help me on my way. It's a beautiful sunny slightly cool morning. No need for sweathers or windbreakers. Just a nice morning. I ran my 4.5 k in around 37 minutes. That's 5 minutes longer than it normally takes me, but I was so relieved just to get out. Now the rest of the day is mine, mine, mine. Do you all know what I mean!!

I'm making great progress on Emily's quilt. I have all 28 blocks quilted and I now have 7 rows of 4 blocks put together. Once they are joined, then I'll work on the borders. That will take a week. Then the binding. I'm sure my July 11th deadline will be no problem and I'm feeling lots of relief.

This will be our first full weekend at the cottage and the weather looks promissing. We have no plans. Just puttering around the yard, mowing the lawn, picking up stray brush, weeding. Next weekend, I really wish the Canada Day holiday was on a Monday or any other day than Tuesday. That way the working folks get a long weekend. I think on the Sunday - June 29, I'll make a Canada Day picnic at the cottage and hopefully the kids will come for a visit.

Have a good weekend everyone. I'll only post on Monday. I have a secret to share with you..


cpm said...

a secret?!? don't leave us hanging Gail!...and we have to wait until Monday! oye!
hmmmm what could it be?!? Is Donna pregnant? hee!hee! Let's start that rumour! mowauhhaha!!!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to go to the cottage... and the bonus will be to kayak, but the cottage is my favorite spot.

I can't wait to hear the secret. Maybe your pregnant!