Friday, June 27, 2008

I'll see you in the Movies!

Well, maybe not a movie, but I got a phone call yesterday from Rogers Communications. They are doing various TV spots on "Green" ideas. Josie, the producer of these spots is organizing lots of interesting video's for Rogers Channel 10 and thought me making a recycled juicebag would be interesting for their viewers. The camera crew and interviewer will be here next Thursday to do the spot. So, my delimas are: I need to lose 20 pounds before Thursday... and my sewing room couldn't possibly be cleaned up by Thursday and it's too small for me, my makeup artist, my hairstylist, the camera crew, the interviewer, and the producer... So I think I'll set up "shop" in the kitchen for the afternoon.

I've had a half dozen juicebags on my to-do list for a month or two, so I've dug out the recycled juicebags and the old jeans and I'm preparing to sew this weekend. Since the Canada Day weekend sounds like alot of rain, I'll be sure to get some samples sewn ahead for video day.

PS: Look at my sister Donna's blog. The new washer and dryer are gorgeous..

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Jill MacD said...

Me again,
How would I go about acquiring one of those GORGEOUS juice bags?