Monday, June 23, 2008

Can you spot the Poison Ivy

Does any of this look like Poison Ivy? Every year for the past few years, my poor husband gets poison Ivy rash. We think it's coming from a patch in the back of our cottage. Have a good look at these photos. Do you see anything suspicious? Some say to look for 5 leaves, and some say to look for 3 leaves. Some say to look for white flowers, and some say to look for red berries.

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Sandra said...

This might help. Hope so! "The compound leaves of poison ivy consist of three pointed leaflets; the middle leaflet has a much longer stalk than the two side ones. The leaflet edges can be smooth or toothed but are rarely lobed. The leaves vary greatly in size, from 8 to 55 mm (0.31" to 2.16") in length. They are reddish when they emerge in the spring, turn green during the summer, and become various shades of yellow, orange or red in the autumn."