Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Running and Emily's French Rose Quilt

Well, it's been a month since I have had a good run. I'm behind on my exercise. The guilt is now starting to drive me crazy. Mert dragged me out today for a walk . It was warm, I was a little overdressed and I was bushed when I got back from our walk. So I've decided that tomorrow is the day to get back at the running. Tomorrow, I'll get my running duds on and go out to give it a go. I know I'll be sore, but I'm afraid if I don't start soon, I'll not start again at all.

Also, today I had Valerie and Lois come for coffee. I invited them last week to come over to help me with my Quilt as you go project - the French Rose for Emily. A few weeks ago, Emily quietly asked me, if I was working on her French Rose quilt for her July 11th Birthday. I whispered to her, Yes.... Well, the truth is, I had been working on it right up until mid-May when I went to Nova Scotia to be with Dad. I had 28 blocks done which is quite a bit. But ever since she asked me that, I've been obsessing about making sure I have this done for her birthday. So after coming back from Newfoundland, and Campbellton, I knew this past Monday would be the big day I put some real time in by starting to sandwich the blocks and stippling them. So knowing that Valerie and Lois were coming over this morning for coffee to help me with the binding the blocks together part, I worked like the dickens on Monday and Tuesday and had gotten 17 of 28 blocks stippled and trimmed to size. I finalized my method of attaching the blocks together and we had a lovely coffee break with Val and Lois. This evening, I stippled more blocks and now have 25 of 28 done. Yippee....the pressure is starting to lift. Tomorrow morning, after my run, I'll work on stippling the rest of the blocks and trimming them all. I'll take it day by day, committing to only work on that project until it's done.

I'll report on my progress in a day or two.

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dp said...

Great to get back on track. I have been trying to get back on track for ages... every monday. But you are an inspiration... so tomorrow morning... walking with Mollie, no matter what. I will work up to running, in the summer!