Monday, August 4, 2008


This first picture says it all. Love surrounded the font as Aurora Patience MacLean received her Sacrament of Baptism. The triplets are looking on, as Scott and Michele, the Godparents, tenderly hold baby Aurora. Patience lovingly looks on as Rev. Monte Peters pours the water over her precious baby's head.

Here is Grammie and Grampie Mitchell with Aurora and Patience.

We loved having all our family come to be with us on this day. Aurora was an angel. She took everything in stride and loved being held by everyone.

Here she is trying to give my sister Donna a kiss. Isn't that precious?

My sister surprised Michele and Wade and the triplets with a scrapbook of the Triplets first year. That was awesome. I didn't get any pictures but wait a day for my sister to go through her pictures and she'll have a picture on her blog of the triples pouring through the scrapbook. It was beautiful and the timing was perfect Donna.

This is a picture of Donna and the triplets, that will go in the back of the scrapbook.

Everyone brought gifts to celebrate Baby Aurora's Baptism. Here is Uncle Scottie with Aurora. He gave her this amazing little elephant rocking horse. It's sweet and I'm sure she'll have lots of fun on it. How did Scott know that purple is grammie's favorite color?


dp said...

What a fun weekend we had... it was so fun to be around all the family. It went by way toooo fast... I hate that it will be a while until I see everyone again!

cpm said...

WOW! What a special day for your family. Aurora is so precious. You are one lucky Grandma! Michelle and Scott will be amazing Godparents no doubt! They are such a loving and beautiful couple.
I wish my Abbey would have been good during her baptism...she wailed through 60% of it! Ugh!