Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm not a Snobby Pickler

Well, maybe I am a snobby Pickler. Today I mentioned to somebody that I was going to make pickles, like I do every year. They promply asked, "Do you use a food processor?". I politely said, "No.... I hand chop my pickles". Then I thought, eekkk... "Did I sound snobby?"

Anyway, later in the day, long after our conversation ended, I was preping the veg. I was thinking, about the pickles I make... Bread & Butters, and Mustard Veg pickles. I can't imagine running either of those through the food chopper. What a mushy mess that would be, even if it were a course chop. I guess, I love the uniformity of the hand-chopped pickles. Is that snobby?

Anyway, I have 11 bottles of Bread and Butter pickles made and in the morning, I'll put the Mustard Vegetables (pictured above) for the second brine and then prepare for cooking and bottling late in the afternoon.

Also, if I have given you pickles in the past, can I have my bottles back :). I'm off to Zellers to buy more bottles tomorrow. The darn things are about a buck a piece now and it seems I buy a box every year.


dp said...

ummmm, I think I have some bottles of yours.... geesh. I will bring them on the weekend! Actually, I will give you all my big jars if you have some jam jars you don't need... regardless, you can have my big jars. I don't make pickles anymore.. no body eats them except me! Yours look awesome! yummmmmm

cpm said...

The title is hilarious! Loved it!Your pickles do look awesome! Yummy!

Tara said...

Your pictures and pickles look devine. A food processor is great for slicing. You take the chopping blade out and just run the pickles through the slicer only. You can get different attachments depending on how thick or thing you want the pickles. It makes slicing the pickles and onions super fast. How about posting your recipes.