Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stitching the Angel

Many of you know, that I love to sew. Some of you know that I have this great embroidery feature of my now 8 year old Pfaff sewing machine. I think it was one of the first machines to accept embroidery files from your computer to stitch. I did alot of stitching when I first got my machine, but not so much now. I'm taking a crazy quilting class in September and I've been pondering doing some free standing lace stitching to apply to my crazy quilted sock that I'm about to make. But I have been thinking of that for 2 months... not doing anything about it. Well, I did buy the proper water soluable backing when I went to Maine Quilts last month, but that was about it. This stuff is marvelous by the way.
Then yesterday there was a post on the Ace Points yahoo embroidery group that they were looking for a volunteer with a Pfaff who would test a design. So I sent a message and volunteered. The moderator of the group sent me the angel file from this collection. She is a sweet little angel and I think it was ment to be. She stitched out beautifully... the hair was a little dense, but the curls are so worth it. Here is a little pictorial of her creation. After I rinsed her in water, she held together beautifully. I laid her on the crazy quilted sock that will become her home. Funny how opportunities present themselves to you.

Some will ask, so I'll list the thread and colors I used. Marathon poly 2117, 2031, 2288, 2037 and 2282. I used a pre-wound white bobbin. I love this little combination. The Acepoint stitchout calls for blonde hair, but I didn't have the right color of yellow on hand, so she has light brown curls. I also used a standard embroidery needle by Oregon. I get most if not all of my supplies from Marathon Threads Canada.

I'm uploading this video to show the creator of the little angel, how her hair stitched out.

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