Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pizzelle Pizzazz

Earlier this week, friends of ours, who we don't see very often, came for supper. They were asking us about our Greece trip from 5 years ago. So I asked them over for supper and we went over our trip itinery, what we liked, what we didn't like etc. So Mert BBQ'd I made dessert. I thought about doing a cheesecake or a pie or creme brulle, or creme caramel, (I've always wanted to make creme brulle or creme caramel, but havn't done it yet) but I decided on making the simple little pizzelles that we fill with ice cream... and then put strawberries with chocolate sauce on the side. I was telling this to a couple of my quilting friends while we were driving back from Minto earlier in the week, and they didn't know what a pizzelle was, so here is a few pictures to see what it is. My recipe makes 10... but the first one went limp as I opened the pizzeller prematurely... and the second one, was a little to dark.... so that means for my dinner I got to pick the best 4 from the 8. I think I'll save the other 4 in the freezer for another day.

Want the recipe for Pizzelles. This is the one I use from Martha Stewart's website. I make the chocolate ones sometimes too.

Note Added: To get the right form, I draped the warm pizzelle over a small dish to get the rounded effect. My guests loved the desserts, in fact, they were scraping up the drips of chocolate syrup with their spoons... I was thinking, they better not pick up the dish and lick it.. like on the tv commercial... that would be so bad!!

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Unknown said...

Well, did they love it!!!! how pretty, what do you put them on to shape them?