Friday, February 13, 2009

Do you have any Black and White pictures of yourself?

I think the year that this picture was taken of me and my mom and dad, must have been the last year that black and white was the standard in photography. In my baby album, all my infant and pictures up to a year old were black and white, and after that, they were all color.

I think this picture was so fun. Look at all the hair parted in the middle for fun, and the plaid shirts and hamming it up for the camera. Too cute.


Linda H said...

Yes I do , but none that I would like to "publish"..haha
I've done my first "official" Welcome post..have a look. I re-did the photos in the Student's Work Gallery - I learned how to enhance, lighten, brighten and control shadows yesterday- so have lightened some of yours and all of Ann's; I think they look much beter now. I will send you the "new and improved" shots of your stocking, if you want. I still have to add captions to Barb. P's photos..... Are you there yet?? Its really cold and windy here today, so enjoy the warmth...xo

Lee in Rothesay NB said...

omg! I think my family had the same couch fabric and that set was still doing duty in the rec room in my dad's house when I sold it. I left it there for the next occupants, my cousin's family. Too funny!

bargello said...

In the picture you look like Aurora!! To me it is striking. Do you see it? It is hard, I know to look beyond your parents hamming it up, but what a cute little girl you are!
Glad you are there safely...snowing again here today.
Happy Valentine's Day,

Mary said...

I don't have B&W photos of me but we have a bunch of Deb (my *much* older sister)!