Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Grace, Caitlin and Mitchell

Grace, Caitlin and Mitchell were all born in the middle of the night, 7 years ago today. It's wonderful to see how these three babies, have grown into smart, polite, beautiful children who we love very much.

Happy 7th Birthday!

This is my favorite infant picture. About 10 weeks old and all sleeping in the same crib. This only lasted for a short time, because soon, their sleeping times were not always at the same time.
It's fun to wear Jeans and getting out to get portraits done was quite the little outing.

. Rub - a - dub - dub, Three babies in a tub. How many times did we sing that little song.

Dance class. 2005

2007 - The triplets with Robert Munch

Surfer kids - Summer 2008

A Pirate, A Vampire and Ariel. A perfect family for the Halloween Party - 2008

Happy Birthday!


dp said...

Happy Birthday kids.... seems like just yesterday you were born! wow

Anonymous said...

Wow, I've got tears in my eyes! My babies are growing up. Must be time for another.....NOT.

Linda H said...

Too Cute, just TOO CUTE!!
HAppy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

God! Looking at that first picture, it's amazing how much there little faces have not changed....You can totally tell who is who in that picture!! NEAT!

Ant Pear