Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Math Class and baby quilts

Did you ever wonder how you would use all the math training you got in school? I often wondered, as I did my high school math, how I would use these skills. While I used lots of these skills in my computer career, I find now, that in my quilting, I used the old manual formulas daily.

I have a unique problem that I might need some help with. Help from some of my friends who have a bit more in depth math skills than I have.

You might recall that last fall, I went to a quilt show and fell in love with this baby quilt that was done out of Nancy Halverson Winsome book that features quilted things for babies.

With 2 of my friends having babies in the new year, and a cute quilt for Aurora in mind, my friends Linda G., Lois, and Valerie helped me shop for the right colors. Lois then helped plan out the quilts with the colors that I bought. I carefully, according to the color code key and the precise measurements, proceeded to cut out all the blocks for 3 identical baby quilts. I set all this aside to be my Christmas Break project. Easy sewing once all the cutting is done, right?

Well, something that I absolutely never thought about, was the fact, that these 2 unborn babies might not be girls. Shortly before Christmas, in fact, one of the new babies is going to be a boy. And, to top it off Aurora's mother tells me that she already has 2 baby quilts and she's not sure that at this point, she needs another crib size quilt.

I'm moving on to Plan "B". I've purchased traditional and non-quilty gender neutral gifts for the 2 babies that are about to be born and I need to re-think about what I'm going to do with the 3 baby quilt tops. thinking, thinking, thinking.... for the past month I've been thinking.

So, here's my plan. I'm still going to sew all the individual blocks together. I have 6 (times 3) blocks out of the 16 (times 3) blocks done. When I have them all done - a total of 48 blocks of various size rectangles - I plan to amalgamate all blocks into a single size quilt for Aurora. I'm hoping that what would be 3 baby quilts sized 42" x 52" will fit into a single quilt. I may have to add a sashing here or there, but thank goodness I have some extra fabrics from all the cuts that I made and I didn't cut the borders at all.

It's much to early to play with a layout, but here is 1/3rd of the blocks (out of 48). It's a rainy overcast day at the beach, so that means it's a sewing day for me today and this is what I'm working on.


dp said...

Oh, I so love the look and the rectangles are so non traditional that its a cool and unique quilt look. does that make sense?

chantal gave me what for today that I haven't commented on the last two blogs.. geesh... I think she likes you better than ME

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool stuff, you can find more Unique Baby Cribs from spacify.

cpm said...

You are so FREAKING talented! Why can't we be related!?!? ha!ha!
P.S. I LOVE Donna...but I do really like you! lol!

Lee said...

Gail, how can your mathy friends help if we don't have some block dimensions to play with for you...?

Karen said...

Hi, Gail:
Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I've had a quick look through yours and will return when time is a bit more generous. Love the quilt you are working on, the colours are so soothing. Relieved to see I'm not the only one who takes their work on vacation with them :)
Karen Neary

Jilly's Space said...

I have that book and am planning on making my sister the one with the rectangly sqares.
This quilt is going to be sweet..did you finish it yet? I would love to see the final result.