Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Aurora

Today, our little Aurora turns 1 year old. Can you believe, that all the little infant baby stages have come and gone. Sleeping through the night, cutting her first tooth, eating solid food, weening onto whole milk, weening off the bottle, first crawling, first walking, first sounds, first smile, first laugh, first toddling steps holding mama's hand.

Here she is, only hours old.

1 week old - we were getting fancy with the camera. She is learning the ropes of posing.

2 months old - isn't she bright. She has always had a natural little grin.

Aurora - 5 months old. Testing out Emily's new quilt.

9 months old - she says hi just like her mama does. One had in the air!

Christmas 2008 - almost 11 months

Just a week short of 1 year old. Starting to read. She's a cutie, but I think she's going to be a smartie too.

Happy Birthday Baby Aurora.

"When God wants something
special done in this world...
He sends a baby and then...
He waits."

Author Unknown


Linda H said...

3:12 a.m.!!!! Did you not sleep last night???
Happy Birthday Aurora!

dp said...

It is amazing... to think its been a whole year. Happy Birthday little baby!

Mary said...

She's a cutie! They grow up so fast. I can't believe my boys are 23 & 25.