Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blue Quilt Thursday - Week 2 of 4

Last week I had set a goal of having my 30 double nine patches done on St. D's quilt. Here is what the 150 9-patches looked like before they were sewn into more 9 patch blocks. They look big but they are only 3.5" big.

And here's what they look like when they're all sewn into the double nine patch and ironed.
I'm on to the next step now which is sewing the 20 inner blocks and the 18 side triangle blocks. I hope to be starting to sew them in the diagonal rows by next Thursday.

It's looking good for getting this done before Christmas.


Linda H said...

Good for you Gail! Thats a lot of nine patches....

Anonymous said...

You really are going to get this done in time for Christmas. I think the colors are so pretty together & your workmanship is perfect. Great Job Gail.

Mary Johnson said...

That's a lot of nine patches - I've got strips cut for one but the blocks will be huge compared to yours -- they'll be 6 inches :)

I love two color quilts - can't wait to see this top finished.