Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jessica and Emily at Grammie's Day 2 - continued

We invited the triplets over for hot chocolate and a snack after skating. So Jessica and Emily worked really hard to make a nice snack for them in these cool bento-like boxes that I got from the Asian store.

So in the top layer of the bento box was the Christmas napkin, a small package of Oreo cookies, a pretzel turtle which they made earlier in the day and a marshmallow for the hot chocolate. In this picture, do you see how the top of the box has handles that flip up for easy carrying. Just tooo cute.

In the lower layer was nacho chips and a spoon.

Nobody could figure out what the spoon was for. Of course it was to stir up the hot chocolate with. They all said "Oh Yeah".

Jess and Em set the table and hand made place cards for each of the kids. They set out hot chocolate cups. We didn't tell the triplets about their special snack until they were in the house and half way up the stairs to the kitchen. They loved their special snack after a hard hour of skating.

Then after the triplets went home, we all vegged around the living room for about an hour then it was time to get supper.

After supper, we went up to the sewing room, where Emily practiced her letters using my super fun doodling books. They are the same ones that I use to make quilting labels sometimes. Emily is so good at doodling that I let her use my secret set of colored zig markers.

Jessica helped me make a tutu for Aurora. I found a fun pattern on the Martha Stewart website that had a video tutorial and I just had to make it. So since I had lots of help this week, the time was right. I expect that you'll see pictures of Aurora later this week dancing in her tutu.

Then, as we were winding down for the night, a nice bowl of ice cream hit the spot. Scottsburn Udderdly Delight was the type of ice cream. Emily was very impressed with this flavor. Actually we all were.

Tomorrow we all travel half way to Saint John to pick up baby Aurora. Jessica and Emily are going to teach Aurora how to play I Spy with her new quilt. Then in the afternoon Jessica and Emily are off to make visits on the other side of the family and deliver their home made gifts . Then they will spend the night with the triplets.

Then can you believe it, that brings us up to Christmas Eve!!! We'll have all 6 grandchildren here and their parents for a lovely Christmas Eve brunch.

I love Christmas Eve.


dp said...

The bento boxes are amazing. What a fun day... yeah!!! my kids had a tutu that they loved, they wore it out!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun days with grandma @ your house!!! You give me lots of great ideas. Love the bento boxes. That store has lots of neat things. Happy Holidays. LB