Monday, December 21, 2009

Jessica and Emily at Grammie's - Day 1

This is going to be a power packed two days for all four of us, Grammie, Grampie, Jessica and Emily. It's not often that the kids can visit exclusively for two days in a row so we're cramming in as much as we can.

Our day started out by Jess and Em making Grammies breakfast. While I was having morning coffee, they made me bran muffins. They are old enough to read the instructions on the muffin package so it was pretty straight forward. The bran muffins were yummy.

After breakfast, we decided to make our geocache. We searched the house for trinkets to put in the cache. We made a log for the cache finders to sign, and we sharpened a pencil as the final things to put in the cache. It's all ready to be camo'd a bit (that means camouflaged for you muggles) and ready to hide. It has a fabulous "First to find" gift in it, which is a pewter tree ornament on it. We'll go out to look for a great hiding place for the cache later this afternoon.

Where were you at 12:47 on December 21st. That's the exact time that winter started. We were on our way to Mactaquac. See the time, and how warm it is in the picture that was is inset in blue. It was all the way up to -2 degrees which is a great temperature for a winter day.

Then when we got home, we are making old fashioned poppycock using this recipe. We packaged this up into gift bags and Emily put the tags on them. They look really nice and they will take them as gifts to their other grandmothers and great grand mother when they go for visits on Thursday.

Here are the girls tast testing the poppycock. Jessica wants this recipe to take home... She loves it. She'll be making sure that she asks her grandmothers to try it, so she can have another taste test too.

On the way back from Mactaquac, we stopped at Zellers and we found this sponge toffee. I used to eat this when I was a kid. I'm surprised they still have it for sale. So we bought one for Jess and Emily to try. Emily wasn't so sure she liked it, but Jessica thought it was soooooo awesome.

It's time to hide the geocache. We found a great spot that has a parking lot nearby. And the trekking through the snow won't be too bad. Our clues will be inspired by the surroundings of the trees. We'll register this brand new cache this evening on It'll be interesting to see how quick somebody finds it after it is registered. I predict that somebody will find it before Christmas for sure.

We've had a busy day and we're settling down to a quiet of evening of watching Survivor.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when we'll be doing more projects.


dp said...

What a fun filled day so far. Terry loves sponge toffee. Its what is in a Crunchie bar. I saw some at the farm market today, and tomorrow I think I will buy some for him.
Geocaching.. what a great activity. We haven't in a while... maybe after xmas we will. I love poppycock.. yum.

QuiltingFitzy said...

Had some catching up to do!

We love geocaching, have gotten my 3 daughters interested as well. My youngest is stationed in Iraq and has placed tracking bugs to see if they will beat her home!

Happy New Year!