Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jessica and Emily at Grammie's - Day 2

We had a lovely breakfast that Jessica prepared. Pilsbury croissants are so easy to make.

Emily sat with me while we checked emails. Then the timer dinged and Jessica and Grampie called us for breakfast. Mmmmm Croissants are so yummy. We really need to have these more often.

Next we made turtles. This was a super fun recipe that was easy to do.

First you put the pretzels on the baking sheet. Then put the rolo candies on them. Bake them in the oven for a few minutes, then press a pecan half into them and let them cool.

Icing them takes a skilled hand but Jess and Emmie each decorated 15 turtles very nicely. They did squiggles, stars, and criss cross lines.

Next, we packaged everything up nicely with tags and ribbon. So, our gifts are all made for when they go to visit on Thursday. Won't the other grandparents love these handmade gifts. (PS: the Pretzel turtles recipe is here,)

We tried making fancy paper snowflakes and stars. We did a few of these and they were tooooo hard to do. Maybe next year!!!

This afternoon Jess and Emily and the triplets all went to the Willie skating rink for an hour of fun. Special thanks to my friend Linda who loaned me skates for Jessica. The kids all had a good time and no major injuries. Well one little injury, but we won't talk about that, right Emily!!!
Watch for part 2 of this blog tomorrow for the after skate party that we hosted for the triplets.

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dp said...

First off, I must say.. you are the COOLEST grammie in the world. Second, the turtles look amazing. I wonder what they taste like. Did you package them ALL up!!!
I hate skating. When I come to your house for Xmas, we can make turtles but I don't want to go skating (or swimming either). Let do yoga.
Can't believe there is a part 2..... geesh!