Thursday, December 3, 2009

Blue Quilt Thursday - Week 1 of 4

I had an unusually fun day today. I attended the annual Christmas Turkey lunch with the Triplets at school today. What a busy day for the cooks in the cafeteria. All those extra mouths to feed. We got to sit away from the noisy crowd so it was fun just to sit and have lunch and chat with the kids at their school. I never even thought to bring my hoo.
After that, I made a visit to the Stepping Stones Senior Center's Craft group. I had a nice coffee break with a dozen ladies who were working on various stitching projects. I told and showed them of three projects that I had on the go that might be of interest to them. I showed them my crazy quilted socks and they really liked them since they are all stitchers of one sort or another. I also showed them my "Quilt as you go" quilt that finished not very long ago. I love that technique and I have 2 more of of these quilt as you go projects on the go right now. I also showed them the " I Spy" squares that I've been collecting for a year now. I cut almost 50 squares to exactly 4.5" last week and I hope to have Aurora's "I Spy" quilt done by Christmas. They thought it was a really fun idea. And I never even thought to bring my camera hoo.

So today is Thursday. I'm going to report in on the progress of the St. Dunstan's Blue Scrappy quilt each Thursday before Christmas. I told you about it in this blog post previously. I picked Thursdays since these ladies meet on Thursday afternoons and my ultimate goal is to have it done by Christmas Eve!

Right now, I'm working on the 30 double nine-patch blocks. This is going to be 150 small nine patches all together. I have the nine-patches done for one block done. For about 15 blocks, I have the first strip sets sewn, ironed and sub-cut, and now waiting for the final sewing of the nine-patch. For the other 14 blocks, they are still in long strips, some ironed, and some not. By next Thursday, I'll have the 30 blocks completed.

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Renea said...

I like hearing about your triplets. I have a set of triplets also but they are now 24 years old. I do miss the years when they were little. The time does fly by so fast. Enjoy every minute that you get to spend with them as you will never get those minutes back.