Monday, November 30, 2009

CQ Monday - Week 5 of 5

I can say that I'm 99% done my 2 Crazy Quilted Christmas Stockings now. This little Crazy Quilting Mondays in November was exactly what I needed.

This week, I had a little visit from my CQ teacher and buddy, Linda H. who gave me some suggestions. I've been eyeballing these every day and it was great to get a fresh set of eyes to point out some areas that could use a little more. It was a great little visit and it got inspired to get moving to get them done (before I forgot what the suggestions were!).

So, in addition to adding some double lines of stitching, I added sparkle. I love how the beads of sparkle give my silk ribbon sprays some glint.

I also added a cluster of buttons and beads to one of the socks for a big hit of whimsy. And I added a shell with some beads. I picked up the shell on a beach last winter. If you look long enough on the beach, you will find perfect little shells that have a small hole in the hinge side of the shell. I'm keeping my eye out for other CQ ideas on how to use these small little shells.

I have a couple of small things to do this evening on one of the socks, then I'm going to consider the embellishing done. I do want to put it away for a week, and then look at it one final time before I put the back and lining on.

Watch for the final pictures of the entire socks in about two weeks. Maybe my CQ buddy will help me photograph them.

You can bet next November, I'll be doing a month of CQ Mondays since I'll be making three Christmas Stockings next year.


Linda H said...

Very nice Gail!! Sadly I have nothing to show this week...

Anonymous said...

Your work is so beautiful Gail. And lucky you to have a visit from your quilting "buddy" - she could inspire anyone. Way to go girls. LB