Monday, November 9, 2009


Today, we're packing up and heading to visit with our two oldest grandchildren. No special reason, just looking to go for a drive and spend some quality time. Since there's no school in Moncton, the kids will be off school and so for a little something to do, I prepared some Martha Stewart gingerbread dough and her wonderful Royal Icing. I prepared the icing into 5 colors and our craft time with the kids will be roll out the dough, cut out and bake the cookies, then to use all that royal icing to over decorate 30 or 40 cookies. Won't that be fun!!

I know you'll be dying to see what kind of artwork we'll put on these cookies that are shaped like feet, maple leaves, gingerbread men and women, and of course hearts. So I'll take some pictures and so you tomorrow.

We'll probably also take in a movie. I hope they want to see "Where the Wild things Are". I heard it is a great story from a few of the teachers that were on the Egypt trip with us.


jovaliquilts said...

Have fun! We used to do cookie and cupcake decorating as birthday party activities because the kids loved it so much. :)

dp said...

Where the Wild Things are is a scary movie, I hear. Hope Mert doesn't get too scared. The kids will be fine.. but hold Merts' hand.