Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dragonflies and an Elmo

I've had a busy but fun day.

Today was fruitcake making day. I make them about 6 or 7 weeks before Christmas so that the cake has a chance to age and the flavors all meld together. I wrote about it here last year, so I won't repeat myself by giving you the recipes again. They're in the oven cooking right now, and the house smells so good.
I still have my embroidery machine out and I'm gathering up all the supplies to send to my sister next Saturday. I keep coming across pages of "Embroideries on my to-do list". So for fun this morning, I stitched out some beautiful dragonflies. Here is one of them. This Oesd design pack has about 20 different elegant designs. These stitch-outs will all become patches on blankies sometime soon.
I need to make baby Aurora a plain quilt that I can add some patches onto, each time she visits. The other grandkids used to love that. Some still do, and I won't say who. Aurora's first patch will be this Elmo. She recognizes him anywhere and says his name really good. It's cute. You know it won't be long before we have her starting to bake cookies with Grammie. She already loves to help Grampie put the silverware away from the dishwasher.


dp said...

maybe her quilt should be made of white shiny fabric... the Elmo would look really cute on shiny white fabric.

Anonymous said...

If that shiny white fabric is from the dresses this summer, then the quilt wouldn't be complete without some lime green, bright pink and a little orange thrown in for good measure - ha!